Month: November 2016

New Demo up


I beat Brutal Doom 64 today.

Time to go back to making music.

Apologies for the lack of updates

The band has been having some personal issues…


but more content is to come soon. oh so much content. you don’t even know.

10 reasons why you should download our music.

1. Our music is free.
Every track I’ve released is available on our bandcamp page ( for free download. All that we ask in return is for you to support us in the future, and share our music with your friends. Right now we just need your ears. So please check our stuff out.

2. We have a ton of different songs all in different genres.
We try to do everything from rock to metal to… rock. Okay, so it’s all very grunge/industrial but we still have some pretty unique stuff in there. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

3. Our music was professionally recorded. By professionals.
If by professionals you mean me, then yeah. Sure, it’s not on par with your hundred grand studio recordings, but I do put in a lot of effort to give you the highest quality demos humanly possible with my setup. At the very least, it’s way above your standard computer mic taped to an amp recordings. At the very most, it’s pretty close to studio quality.

4. You probably haven’t listened to anything new in ages anyways. Why not support an up and coming band that actually tries to write catchy music?
Still listening to bands that were at the height of their popularity when you were in high school? Time to update your ipod. Disturbed doesn’t need any more fans. Why not give us a shot? If you want, we’ll even start doing that ‘ooh ah ah ah ah’ thing he does in ‘down with the sickness’ (no, not really. Disturbed sucks, get over it).

5. Our lyrics are relatable.
Now if only you could understand them. Good thing all our lyrics are available for you to read in the ‘music’ section of our site. Now you can sing alone to them while you’re in the shower.

6. ‘Music For Tripeds’ and ‘Music For Quadrapeds’ have no swearing and no screaming.
For all you religious folk and/or overprotective parents; our music does not have any swearing. Granted, we have plenty of songs about drugs, death, suicide, homelessness, depression, hookers, alcohol, and insanity, but none of them have any swearing. So you can listen to our stuff without being offended.
Our music is also screaming-less (scream-free? scream-less? something like that). So for all you out there who are as sick as I am of the ‘hardcore’ movement, you can rest assured that our music is free of any hardcore, screamo, screamcore, hardmo, grindcore, metalcore, deathcore, applecore, earthscore, or any other core. Our music contains singing, falsettos, whispering, and in one song we have death metal growls, but we do not have any screaming. And for good reason. Hardcore music sucks. Not as much as Disturbed, but still.

8. Our music is so good we skipped #7.

9. There are hidden things in certain songs. Good luck finding them.
No hints. If you think you found something cool then post it on our forum. I will give you this though; some of our songs may contain things that are hidden. You should listen carefully.

10. You’re a fat loser and have nothing better to do.
It’s probably true. Though of course we don’t mean you personally, person who is currently reading this. Everyone else though.
Don’t feel bad though. Our music is guaranteed to help you lose weight. You’ll still be a loser, but at least you’ll be an attractive loser.

Which song would you like to see a music video made for?

We’re tossing around the idea of doing another music video sometime in the future. If it pans out, what song would you like to see made into a music video?
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Or if you’d like to see something else, please let us know in the comments or the forum.

LIVEME Fans reviews

Hey all glad you enjoyed the videos/music leave us bad reviews in the forum




We now have lyrics up in the ‘Music’ section. But they’re for archival purposes. Don’t you dare read them.

…seriously. They’re terrible. Not as terrible as Phil Collins, but still terrible.

Also, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet; the ‘Trying to Hide’ official music video is now up in the videos section. Enjoy.