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Potential Album Cover

Think I’ve come up with some album art that I may end up going with. Check out my leet photoshop skillz.

Single Second Studios

So Steve and Dan started a youtube channel: ‘Single Second Studios’. Click the above link to watch their first episode of ‘Topless Tens’ entitled ‘Top Ten Trees’.

New Epiphone Amp

It’s amazing what $25 dollars can get you at a pawn shop. This amp (Epiphone EP-1) is probably the angriest sounding thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I love it. Gives my Marshall a run for it’s money. Will be using this on a lot of recordings going forward.

Ignore all the background noise/static. Was recorded at a very low volume and with the air on.

Mirror Symmetry (New Album)

So in the process of upgrading the studio, the newer tracks sound nothing like the rest of Quadrapeds. I had to start putting them on a new album. Not sure what to do about Quadrapeds yet, but I’ll figure that out later. In the meantime, here’s some new tunes for you to enjoy:

Squiggles Track

Stevil is producing a new album by Dan’s band Squiggles. (It’s not fully mixed/mastered yet)


Another New Track

It’s a hardcore song. I don’t like hardcore music, but I wanted to try something new.

New Demo

Working in the new studio. Starting to sound pretty good.


pics:0611171439c 0617171507

0705172159a 0705172202

Plans For Summer

New plans for this summer in the works. Maybe shows? Will keep you guys posted.

Whatever we end up doing, it should be pretty good.

Movie’s Done



Toggle Switch

Starting off 2017 with a freshly installed toggle switch for my guitar! I soldered it in myself.

Thanks to Curtisa from the forums for giving me a hand.